Athlete Feature: Robin Sheehan

Name: Robin Sheehan

Grade: 10th

Sport: Cross Country

Position: Varsity

What your most memorable sports moment? Why?

“My personal most memorable moment was when I got 4th place at a meet we had. I ended up having an amazing race, and get an even time of 21:00. Some of the boys on the team picked me up and spun me around when I’d finished. We’re like a family, and we don’t let a good race go un-noticed. ”

Why did you join the team?

“I joined honestly because I was good in middle school. I had some doubts about going into it at high school because my 8th grade year wasn’t that great. Also, I went to a private school, and competition was a lot smaller, and it was easier to do well. ”

Who is your inspiration for running cross country?

“My family had some pretty good runners in it’s history. My grandma used to run a lot when she was younger and my cousin was an amazing runner that ran for OU.  I don’t really have ‘inspiration’ but I do feel like I’ll be letting down a bunch of people if I don’t do well.

What is your favorite food?

Pasta: all day, everyday. I eat it every night and it’s loaded with carbs and with some salt, it’s everything a runner needs.

Do you like roller coasters? Why or why not?

“That shouldn’t be a question for me, yes!”

Tell your favorite joke.

Why did Tigger look inside the toilet?

He was looking for pooh!

What is you lucky number? Why?

“My bib number for my best race was 217, so I guess that’s it. And my lucky track lane number is 4.”

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