First Time Delegates Shine at JUNTA Meet

By Crisa Valadez

ISA freshman and sophomores got to experience being delegates at the year’s first Model United Nations conference. JUNTA, the meet, took place at Johnson High School on Sept. 15. The meet prompted its delegates to solve problems concerning international bullying.

Although the conference was primarily informal, everyone in attendance took it as seriously as it needed to be. Blazer-clad delegates from schools all over San Antonio were present and divided into 5 separate rooms. The delegates were firm and professional in representing their country’s views and they boldly questioned those that conflicted. In the end, all of the rooms reached a compromise and created their resolutions.

First time delegate and ISA freshman, Jessica Campbell, won the highest possible award for her room, outstanding delegate.

“I feel like everyone prepared me well,” says Campbell. “(Delegating) is something that gave me a sense of accomplishment outside of school.”

Jessica Campbell and Emma Theis pose with Nellie Spener, displaying their awards. photo by Crisa Valadez

Awards for best, honorable, and outstanding delegate were given to those who gave it their all. Many winners, including our own, were from the UK. The chairs seemed very proud of the delegates and the conference seemed to be a great help for beginners.

Another outstanding award winner was Emma Theis, and ISA sophomore and experienced delegate. After previously participating in MUNSTR at Roosevelt (and writing about the wrong topic!), she was eager to try her hand at another conference.

“I think Model UN is an experience that everyone should have,” offers Theis. “You go in there thinking it’s scary and you have your views questioned, but you gain perspective.”


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