Vile Villains Set for Halloween Costume Inspiration

By Kayla McCaine

As Halloween approaches, some might be having trouble choosing their costumes. To give a little inspiration, here are the top five movie villains of all time.


Coming in as number one, The Joker, Batman’s most fearsome nemesis, is the perfect example of a villain set on world domination. He wants to watch the world burn, making him even more terrifying. The Joker is definitely deserving of the number one spot.

Coming in at number two is Darth Vader, from all six of the Star Wars films. As the embodiment of evil, Vader casts a long shadow over the galaxy far, far away and beats out most movie villains in general. Making him very qualified of the top ten best movie villains of all time.

Number 3, Hannibal Lecter. Dr. Lecter appears in Silence of the Lambs as a cannibalistic psychiatrist, who toys with the mind of a detective trying to solve a murder. Lecter even forces a man to cut his own face off, and don’t forget he ate people too, making him even more of a true villain.





Number 4, Jigsaw, appears as the main antagonist in the Saw series, evil without ever coming into personal contact with his victims is pure genius. Jigsaw lets his diabolical torture devises do all the work for him as he watches helpless victims struggle for their very lives attempting to undo, by equally torturous methods, the predicament they’ve found themselves in.

Last but not least, the number five spot goes to Scar, from The Lion King. Nobody is safe from the wrath of Scar, not even his own family. He killed his brother, convinced his nephew it was his fault, and he let the hyenas in. Even if it was short lived, he even ended up as king.

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