Waldo Canyon Fire Makes Summer Hotter

by Emilee Ramon 

I would have never in all my life think that I would be in any kind of real danger.

Colorado springs is the most peaceful place I have ever been to, the last thing you would think is a huge fire destroying the place.All I could think is, what caused this fire?

Every morning I would wake up to the news. I could look out my window and see a little bit of smoke in the mountains.I took a few pictures to send to family back in san antonio.Everyday the fire would get worse and worse, everyone was dreading the phone call to evacuate.

Thank God we never got that call, we packed most of our belongings just in case. Just the thought of losing this home I’ve grown up in, put in a worry state of mind.I could never forget these terrifying days of the fire.

The Waldo Canyon fire was a forest fire that started about four miles northwest of Colorado Springs on June 23. It was declared 100% contained on July 10 after no smoke plumes were visible on a small portion of the containment line on Blodgett Peak.

The fire covered 18,274 acres of land.Caused the evacuation of over 32,000 residents of Colorado, I was not one of the many residents that was evacuated.

At least 346 homes were destroyed by the fire.Many roads were closed due to the fires.It is also the most destructive fire in Colorado Springs state history. Many shelters were held all over down town and many high schools were used as shelters as well.

Fire fighters were on their toes watching the fire as it spread. Some days the fire fighters could contain it, other days it was almost impossible.

All of Colorado springs was praying for it to rain..but it never fell, until 2 days after the fire when there was a flood in the mountains.

Tuesday, July 20th Denver Channel 7 news the fire is now 100% contained.The fire only destroyed two lives; two elders that lived in cottage by the mountains.The fire destroyed 364 homes and burned 18,247 acres in the pike national forest.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

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