Oral Interpretation Results

  The Oral Interpretation Team brought home 1st Place Sweepstakes along with the Outstanding Performer Award (Chris Heron) who managed to win in six different events.

1st Place in Duet Acting
1st Duo Interpretation
3rd Poetry
4th Prose
7th Original Oratory
7th Place Dramatic Interpretation

Kelly Lester –
4th Place Humorous Interpretation
3rd Place Prose
3rd Place Impromptu
6th Place Duo Interpretation
6th Place Poetry

Lily Atkinson –
2nd Place Novice Prose
2nd Place Novice Poetry

Cosmo Albrecht –
1st Impromptu Speaking
1st Duo Interp
3rd Duet Acting
5th Poetry Interpretation

Catherine Lopez de Castilla –
6th Place Novice Prose

Josiah Navarro
5th Place Novice Prose

Noa Barenblat – State qualified in DI
1st Place Duet Acting
6th Place Duo Interpretation
7th Place Dramatic Interpretation
1st Place Novice Prose
5th Place Novice Poetry

Chris Heron – Outstanding Performer Award
2nd Place Duo Interpretation
2nd Place Duet Acting
6th Place Humorous Interpretation
1st Place Novice Poetry
3rd Place Novice Prose
7th Place Impromptu

Kannon Hall –
2nd Place Duo Interpretation
3rd Place Duet Acting
8th Place Prose
4th Place Impromptu

Steven Schwope –
2nd Place Duet Acting
3rd Place Novice Poetry
8th Place Impromptu

Ariana Sonsino –
6th Place Novice Poetry
7th Place Novice Prose

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