Teacher Feature: Phillip Gresham

Phillip Gresham is a World History teacher for sophomores at Lee. He has taught in this position for seven years and says he enjoys every bit of it. Mr. Gresham is the teacher that you’d see dancing and singing up and down the halls in between classes. He has his own unique way of teaching to keep students interested.

Born in Dallas, where he lived until college, when asked what school he attended he jokingly replied Webb Middle School. Recently married to the NESA Dance Instructor [Carolyn Gresham] he almost considered her to be his family, he doesn’t have a strong family but they still call each other.

Gresham has been teaching here at Lee for 7 years but before that, he taught at Lamar Middle School as a Girls Volleyball Coach. He teaches World History because he finds everything interesting about the subject.

His favorite thing to teach is the Roman Empire because of the violence and war very entertaining and it keeps kids interested.


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