Bring Your Dad to School

By Lauralee Kalinec

PTA President, Louella Quezerque speaking at the Bring Your Dad to School breakfast
photo by Lauralee Kalinec

“Watch DOGS is a state wide initiative to get dads onto school campuses,” Lee High School’s PTA president, Louella Quezerque, said at the Bring Your Dad to School breakfast on Friday, Sept. 28. Dads Of Great Students is a program that allows them to be apart of their child’s school community and Lee is the only high school in NEISD that has it.

This year, Watch DOGS, in conjunction with the Lee High School PTA hosted a breakfast in the multimedia room of the library for students and their dads. They held it to give dads the opportunity to see their child’s school and, hopefully, sign up to be a part of Watch DOGS.

Megan Ojeda and her father Andrew Ojeda at the Bring Your Dad to School Breakfast photo by Lauralee Kalinec

When asked why she brought her dad to the breakfast, Freshman Megan Ojeda responded that she wanted “to show her dad off to the school and have a good breakfast.”

After they ate, student gave their dads a tour of the school, and some dads are considering joining Watch DOGS now that they’ve seen the school and want to be involved in the Lee High School Community.

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