Justin Bieber’s New Album Review

By Emilee Ramon

Everyone knows Justin Bieber from hit song “Baby ” off of his album My World 2.0, his latest album Believe has landed and is already No.1 on iTunes.

It’s also a decidedly more mature effort for the 18-year-old pop star,who’s traded his pop persona for an edgier style in the sense of Justin Timberlake. The 13 tracks include his new single “boyfriend” the Dubstep heavy “As Long As You Love Me ” ft Big Sean and the Motown influenced “Die In Your Arms.”

If you’re not a Bieber fanatic like me , you might be wondering if it’s any good? I personally love this album it has a little bit of every music genre. Along the road he wrote a song inspired by his girlfriend Selena Gomez called ” be alright ” it’s a smooth acoustic song with a nice slow melody

Over all, Believe sinks into the listeners ears with dance music and acoustic jams. I highly recommend buying this album if you enjoy pop R&B or acoustic music.

Tracks from the album :

“All Around the World”

This is a great track to kick off the record. It introduces his more mature side. With processed vocals synth pop sound.


This was the perfect single to lead off the album, taking us on Justin’s journey to adulthood. His high falsetto voice complements the breathy verses filled with hip-hop.

“As Long As You Love Me”

This is another clubby hit, full of Dubstep, synth and hand claps. It’s a hit on a lot of radio stations.

“Catching feelings”

This is my least favorite , it’s a bit too cheesy, Justin’s singing in falsetto again, as he talks about developing feeling for a friend and if she will feel the same.

“Take You”

This mid tempo dance-driven track will have you dancing along. He continually references his girl as his “senorita.”

“Right Here feat. Drake ”

Justin seems to take drakes musical style and persona here, but maybe that’s not a really bad thing. It’s a really great R&B track.


Showing his more sensitive side, even getting a little choked up at the end of the song. A lot of people could relate to this song.

“Die in Your Arms ”

Justin shows his affection for a girl. His speak-singing in between the chorus and the second verse will make any young girls knees weak.

“Thought of You”

Dont be fooled by the title, this is not a ballad. The fast-temped track features hand clapping which soars with a very cool climatic dance line “I’m in love with the thought of you ”

“Beauty and a Beat feat -Niki Minaj”

Its a very upbeat song that can get any party going. Theres even a shout out to Selena Gomez. This song just makes you wanna dance.

“One Love”

Its cute but it takes me back to Justin’s My World days, but it doesn’t make the cut for not impressed.

“Be Alright”

This is Justin’s guitar strumming ballad. Its filled with genuine lyrics, but it doesn’t stand out compared to the other tracks. Although I do see fans loving this live, just Justin and his guitar.


Aww this is Justin’s ode to us fans, feature a chanting epic chorus. It gives fans hope to strive their dreams.

Bonus Tracks :

“Out of Town Girl”

This song is very upbeat as well.Justin trys to impress a girl a girl with his swag “style”

“She Don’t Like The Lights”

The noise of flashing lightbulbs are intertwined in the track as Justin sings. The track builds into a clubby strobing track.


Obviously, for legal reasons, the “h” is taken out, but we all know who this song is directed towards :Mariah Yeater and Justin stating “ive never met the women” Justin’s version of Bille Jean. Us fans get a kick out of it.




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