What’s your choice?

This Nov. 6, citizens 18 and older have the opportunity to vote in the Presidental race.

Everyone should know who they voting for and what the candidates stand for, not just to vote for a “pretty face.”

Mitt Romney, governor of Massachusetts in 2003, is the Republican candidate running against President Barack Obama.

Mitt Romney

Candidate Mitt Romney

According to Mitt Romney’s campain website, his future education plans are to  make sure kids and young teenagers get the a higher education and give them the skills they need to graduate; also he will take the unprecedented step of tying federal funds directly to dramatic reforms that expand parental choice, invest in innovation, and reward teachers for their results instead of their tenure.

On the tax issues, his plan is to “fix” the nation’s tax code to focus on more jobs and growth. But to do this he would have to raise taxes, either on the middle classe or the higher class.

In the health care debate, Mitt Romney will issue an executive order that paves the way for the federal government to issue Obamacare waivers to all fifty states and in place of the obamacare he will give each state power to create their own health care reform plan that will be the best for the people living there.

For futher issues, or more details on the issues visit his website


Barack Obama

President Barack Obama

The current president Barack Obama, on the education issues, is willing to double funding on the pell grants, giving more Americans a chance for higher education; rewarding responsible students by letting them and their families decided about there future  based on there career goals, keeping the best teachers around in the classrooms, also investing in the community colleges to give students career-traning programs & education, preparing them for their choice of career.

On tax, anyone making one million a year or more will not pay less than the middle class does, eveyone will pay the same taxes.

Healthcare, everyone’s main concern, if re-elected Obama is going to end insurance companies abuse, improve medicare, & putting women in control about their health, which means women will not pay  more than men, how it is, for the exact same coverage.

For more information on Barack Obama’s future plans visit his campain website http://www.barackobama.com/

This November, vote for your candidate and make a difference and make a choice how you want your future to be. Don’t let someone else make that choice for you, every vote counts.

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