13th Floor – A Chilling Experience

Photo by Katrina Dela Cruz

Photo by Katrina Dela Cruz


The 13th Floor will be having a two night event, Pitch Black, this Friday and Saturday from seven to midnight. The tickets cost $22.99 and this can be an hour long event or it can take all night.

The premise of the event is, a group will be sent into the 13th Floor with no predetermined path, there will be no lights, the “monsters” will roam freely and the group will have only one glow stick. As a group they have to find their way out while the “monsters” haunt, scare and steal glow sticks.

This is not meant for young children or those who are scared of the dark. Each member will be required to sign a waiver stating that the 13th floor is not liable for any accidents. If a person becomes too scared, they will not be escorted out, it is a fight to become free, so fend for yourself.

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Tension is high as I patiently wait in  the zig-zagged line. The dead pace through the crowd and the occasional squeal of a terrified woman (or man, but usually a woman) is released behind me, then it’s followed by the array of laughter from the friends in their party.

We paid for this, the screams, the fear, the sweat on the brow and the suspense as we all line up, inching closer to the door that is the gateway to even more shrill surprises. But, it’s most definitely worth it.

The 13th Floor, is the largest haunted house attraction in San Antonio and is geared for this years Halloween season. Each person waits in line outside where there is a DJ and monsters that walk through the line in an attempt the get the crowd a little more jumpy than they already are. As the line filters into the building there is yet another holding room where victims can more distinctly hear the screeches of those who have already entered the house.

Photo by Katrina Dela Cruz

Then it was time, Elizabeth pulled back the chain, asked me not to touch her monsters because they would try not to touch me, and urged me further into the building. My hands became clammy and as I inched forward I found myself screaming within the first few seconds after a man with an axe ran up behind me.

The drum roll feeling that builds up inside a person just before something happens that they knew would happen, is what makes The 13th Floor as frightening as it is. There is so much time for the idea of ‘monsters,’ ‘ghosts’ and ‘murderers,’  to fester in your mind. And it’s even more frightening to know that they will soon be on your heels as you try to escape. Although, I have no clue why people, the youth in particular, want to put themselves through this horror each year, but they still do, and The 13th Floor is the perfect place to do it.

Photo by Katrina Dela Cruz

The haunted house itself is a large and intricate maze with so many different tools in use, from lasers to strobe lights and smoke machines. All of these add to the overall scare factor that the house has on every victim that stutters through the doors.

I would recommend this haunted house to just about anyone, if you are looking for an adrenaline rush, a good time or just a scare, The 13th Floor is a must. But if you’re 13 or younger, it can be a bit graphic and the overall fright level may just be too much. Also, if you’re knee-jerk reaction is to swing when startled, don’t even think about it; you’ll end up hurting someone and your money will have been a waste seeing as you’ll then be escorted out.

Be sure to head out with your friends, going alone just kills the laughter that accumulates about who screamed the most, the loudest and what part was the craziest from the whole house.

Photo by Katrina Dela Cruz

All-in-all, The 13th Floor is a great place to hit up on the weekend with your friends as it is nearing Halloween. And it’s more than definitely worth the loss of voice.


Photo by Katrina Dela Cruz


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