Bomb Threat Stops the Churchill Homecoming, MacArthur vs. Johnson Football Game

By Enrico Sepulveda

On September 29, the Johnson vs. MacArthur football game was interrupted  in the 3rd quarter due to a bomb threat.  4000 Fans in the stadium were immediately escorted out of the stadium in less than 10 minutes. The Police used bomb-sniffing dogs to search the entire stadium for any bombs, but none were found. Also on the same day, the MacArthur and Churchill home coming dances were both canceled due to the bomb threat.

During the game before the bomb threat, Johnson was leading 17-3 and was driving for another touchdown. Due to the bomb threat, the game was cancelled and rescheduled until the following Monday. Superintendent of schools, Brian Gottardy, sent a letter out to all NEISD schools to let the public know what really occurred. According to Superintendent Gottardy, he states,”NEISD officials stopped MacArthur vs. Johnson High  School football game, as well as the Churchill High School homecoming dance in response to a bomb threat to these facilities. Students, staff and community members were asked to evacuate our athletic center quickly.”

KENS 5 News reported on the event here.



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