Another Paranormal Activity Seriously?

by Keith Garn

Is anyone getting tired of the Paranormal Activity series? I am. They are not even that scary, all they do is build up suspense to scare you.

It’s astonishing to know this movie grossed $30,290,143 in North America, and $26,500,000 in other countries ,for a world total of $56,790,143.

Paranormal Activity 4 did not do an adequate job of making profit as Paranormal Activity 2, or 3 which 3 made ($8 million) and 2 made (6.3 million) with a combination of these two made ($15 million) total which the the whole thing made $29.million.

I think this Paranormal activity was horrible and these Paranormal Activity`s should create a new plot.  What do you think?

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