iPod Shuffle 11/1/12

By Crisa Valadez & Ian Madewell

November 1st, 2012. Luke Martinez

iPod shuffle is back! Each week the Bugle Call interviews a student, asks them to  put their iPod on shuffle, and takes notes on the first three songs that come on. This week we interviewed sophomore Luke Martinez who had a notable gold 160 gig classic.

1. Vampire Weekend– California English
According to Luke, California English has a tropical and upbeat rhythmic style. “It’s really a feel good song,” he said.

2. Delorean– Grow
Luke received Delorian’s album, Subiza, as a gift from his diving coach.  “The pop synth beats with a nice echoing voice remind me of summer,” recounts Luke.

3. The Police– Message in a Bottle
Because Luke grew up with the Police, they remind him of his youth. “It’s a good classic rock song with a vocal twist,” says Luke with a mellow nod. “It’s pretty old, but great.”



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