42nd Street Jumps in With a Bang

By Katrina Dela Cruz

42nd Street, a well-known musical amongst Broadway enthusiasts, hit the NESA stage this past Thursday. And not only did it come out with a bang, but also with a zing, wow, and awe.


Dance Director, Andrea Lee (Gloria Morell), runs over the tap choreography with the girls who made it into the cast of Pretty Lady. Performed during the first act of the NESA production of 42nd Street. Photo by Katrina Dela Cruz

Julian Marsh (Peter Gertas) sings to Peggy Sawyer (Bree Miracle) about how she will be the next star. Photo by Katrina Dela Cruz

The musical has a loosely put together plot that revolves around a young woman, Peggy Sawyer (Bree Miracle), who is trying to break into an acting career through a show on Broadway. Peggy’s main opposition is Dorothy Brock (Lana Dvorak), Dorothy is a well established star who has lost her shine and her only real connection is her “sugar daddy,” Abner Dillon, who is funding the musical’s production. When Dorothy breaks her ankle, the show is in jeopardy of being canceled, but an unexpected solution arises.

Dorothy Brock (Lana Dvorak) sings “Shadow Waltz” in the first act of 42nd Street. Photo by Katrina Dela Cruz

This show really was surprising. I never thought a school production could have a set better than the one for Cats, but the 42nd Street set was intricate, interchangeable and interesting. The lighting was beautiful and soft, complementary to the show, and the actors were beyond phenomenal. To be dead honest, I don’t even understand how the seniors, students that I’ve grown and matured with throughout these four years, have become so ridiculously talented. Dvorak, Alli Gillespie, and Miracle really stood out in my eyes. Dvorak not only sang beautifully, but also performed like a seasoned star. And the same can be said for Gillespie and Miracle.

Other stars of this great show were Joseph Monsour, Gloria Morrell and Peter Gertas. Although these three weren’t under the spotlight as much, their presence on stage remains unforgettable in my mind. Morrell exemplified the

Maggie Jones (Alli Gillespie) solos during “Shuffle off to Buffalo.” Photo by Katrina Dela Cruz

meaning of great dance, Monsour presented hilarity in acting, and Gertas just left me in awe of his fabulous skill.

As a whole, the choreography was great and well executed, the orchestra weaved through the scores masterfully, and the efforts put into the musical were extensive and very noticeable. The show is now a definite favorite and will remain on the list until NESA out does themselves again.

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