Black Ops II: Lastest and Greatest First Person Shooter

By Enrico Sepulveda

Black ops II, the newest first person shooter will blow your mind if you buy it. The release date is Tuesday. If you are interested in huge explosions, amazing story lines, and action packed shooting games. Black Ops II is the game to get.

Unlike the original Black Ops game, Black Ops II takes place in the later future, in 2025. Technology has evolved over the years, but one man has stolen the key to creating the technology and plans to use it against the world. the worlds only hope, Alex Mason the son of John Mason, will have to take on this powerful man and his army.With new and improved weapons, powerful drones, and weapons of mass destruction will soon make the future into a dark one. “The Future Is Black”

The new Black Ops II gameplay is amazing. It has better graphics and faster motion which makes the action happen faster. Also with the new weapons and new kill streaks that you gain, the more your enemies will fear you. You can dominate the battle ground with the kills and weapons you have.


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