Changing into Character

Top Row: Sam Seidner, Billicarole Evans, Scout Livingstone, Sandra Garza
Bottom Row: Noah Luna
Group 1a dressed up in costumes before they performed their stories for first graders.



By: Nakya Mesa – Diaz

On October 30 the ISA freshman performed stories they had been working on since the beginning of the month that were influenced by  fables and myths. The freshman traveled to different elementary schools located close to the Lee campus. In order to have hands on experience and practice their speech skills, they were able to act out their stories and interact with first graders.

During the month of October, the freshman were able to prepare themselves for storytelling. Scripts were made, costumes were picked, masks were molded by hand, and interactive activities for the first graders were created.

“All of my students were able to create their whole stories from scratch in such a short amount of time,” remarked Mrs.Moore, the ISA media teacher in charge of the event.

In order for a successful outcome, the students had the opportunity to rehearse their stories for the public and receive feedback.

“You could easily see some performances were phenomenal and others were… not so much,” said  Victoria Garcia, an ISA sophomore.

The freshman had many different experiences from this stressful yet enjoyable performance.

“As we finished performing our group’s story, the little first graders came running towards us with open arms,” said ISA freshman and storytelling participant, Meytal Russo.”This whole experience brought me back to when I was a first grader and stress wasn’t in my vocabulary.” Meytal’s firsthand experience is just one out of many more at ISA.

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