Lee/STEM Robotics Team Competes Today

Advancing in competition, the robotics team will travel to Garland, Texas today to compete in the BEST Robotics Texas Regionals. They will be competing today and tomorrow.
Here are the competitiors:
Issac Irlas -programmer
Erica Juarez – notebook editor and spirit
Christina Wood – marketing and spirit
Lauren Bonnett – marketing and spirit
Jeffrey Childers – marketing (oral presentation) and spirit
Carlton Dagget – build support and spirit
Bertha Duong – marketing, visuals and spirit
Harrison Frende -build support and spirit
Dante Gilmore – marketing (oral presentation) and spirit
Jordan Hill-Ross – marketing, visuals and spirit
Daniel Joaquin- build team, driver. marketing (oral presentation)
Lauralee Kalinec- build team, driver. marketing (oral presentation), spirit
Marissa Keller – marketing and spirit
Trisha Kessinger – marketing and spirit
Alice McDaniel – marketing and spirit
Benjamin Munoz – build team, driver
Zachary Munoz – build team, marketing
Joshua Orth – build team, driver, marketing
Enfinity Scott – marketing, spirit
Cameron Turner – build team and driver
Hunter Wilkes – build support and spirit
Ronnie Pundt – Coach
Louann Pundt – Asst. Coach

They will be judged on their oral presentation on Friday. Anyone wishing to follow the scores of the robot contest on Saturday can download the app available at http://www.bestinc.org/BRI_Apps/promo.php .

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