Students Practice Democracy in N.E.I.S.D

by Ben Rodriguez

Democracy, a form of government in which all eligible citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives. This specific term has been taught to teens, as American students, for many years. Most have understood what it means for quite some time, and others are just beginning to understand the significance of our government and how it works. No matter what the age or how smart the individual is, whether the voter is currently President of the United States or a minimum wage fast food worker, everyone has an equal vote.

The same principle was exercised in the N.E.I.S.D mock elections held at all N.E.I.S.D schools throughout Bexar County. This brought students a better understanding of how Democracy works. With every vote being counted equally, students ranging from entering kindergarteners to graduating Seniors took part in the mock elections.

Walking into the classrooms on November 6 was a bit different from normal school days – the laptops were open acting as an electronic ballot with anxious students lined up to vote. It was an interesting sight-seeing the students sharing their knowledge about the Presidents and expressing their own opinions about the election.

“I think it’s pretty cool! Seeing how our schools voted and who they voted for.” Senior Adrianna Gamez said.

We certainly cannot forget about the teachers, the people who have guided and helped students understand how our country’s government works.

Gretchen Wickes, World Geography and Government teacher, was enthusiastic.

Senior Emilee Ramon studies her presidential choices as Senior Maddie Pierre votes in the other booth. photo by Nakya Mesa-Diaz

“It gets the students involved in the process and gives them enthusiasm for  the election, Wickes said.”I’m glad that all of the students knew the potential outcomes. After all the studying and learning they knew the possibilities.”

The enthusiasm all of the Social Studies teachers had about the mock election was remarkable – they were truly happy seeing students vote independently in the classroom.

As for the poll results, the winner corresponded with the actual winners of the election, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. The vote count consisted of Obama and Biden receiving 18,840 votes with Romney and Ryan receiving 10,550 votes. The other two candidates included Gary Johnson receiving 784 votes and Jill Stein obtaining 1,538 votes. Obama took 63.23% of all votes and Romney took 36.77%.

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