Lee Places in Regional Treble Choir

By Ebony Hurtado

Regional was the ultimate goal for the Robert E. Lee Choir and Seniors Kelly Lester and Josiah Barrios went for it, placing in the Region Treble Choir Competition.

Barrios said practice was the key to success.

Josiah Barrios

“I practiced for three weeks,” Barrios said. “We would come into this choir room and the director would go over the songs with us to make sure we were finely polished. It was intense, it was lunch, after school, before school; whenever we had a free moment.”

Lester worked closely with vocal coaches to perfect her lines. Lester said it was a line by line process to make it through the tough German song.

Kelly Lester

” German isn’t the easiest language to sing,” Lester said.

So together Barrios and Lester will be representing Lee High School at the Region Concert on Saturday, November 10th at Judson High School. It will be an evening of choral music with singers from the region.

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