Athlete Feature: Joel Pina

Name: Joel Jesse Pina
Grade: Senior
Sport: Basketball

Joel Pina plays basketball for the varsity team, and played in their first game Monday, Nov. 12 against Marshall. Photo by Katrina Dela Cruz

Position: Undefined


What is your most memorable sports moment? Why?

“My most memorable sports moment was my first touchdown pass in middle school seventh grade year. It helped show me that I can do it.”

Why did you join the basketball team?

“I joined the team because I missed playing pretty much.”

Who is your inspiration for playing basketball?

“My inspiration is my mom. She played sports and is always there to support me.”

What is your favorite food? Why?

“My favorite food is chineese because they give you chingos of food.”

What is your favorite movie? Why?

“My favorite movie is ‘Warriors’ because it’s really inspirational.”

Do you like roller coasters? Why or why not?

“Yeah, because it helps with my fear of heights.”

Tell your favorite joke.

Knock knock.

“whose there?”

I am!

If you could have one super power what would it be? Why?

“If I can have one super power it would be telekinesis because I want to mess with people.”

Who is your favorite artist? Why?

“My favorite artist is Kendrick Lamar because he is really lyrical.”

What is your lucky number? Why?

“My lucky number is 24, Kobe.”

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