Outspoken Bean Hits NESA

By Katrina Dela Cruz

Emanuelee “Outspoken” Bean, a Slam Poet and Poet Laureate Nominee for Texas, visited the NESA Creative Writers Monday and Tuesday of this week. Bean not only

Outspoken Bean performs one of his pieces on Tuesday for the Creative Writing class. Photo by Katrina Dela Cruz

preformed some of his poetry, but also taught lessons on how the students could grow as writers and performers.

“I thought he was really amazing, the way he carried the projects we did in there,” senior Tatiana Martinez said. “He made us really organized and made us realize that working together is really good even when it comes to writing.”

Bean lead the creative writing class during fourth and third period, he did several exercises that would help the students be accepting of the first words they put down on the page. Bean would instruct the young writers to “own their words” and be proud of the thoughts in their heads.

In high school Bean also attended Lee and was a NESA Technical theater major under the direction of Mark Ayers, the NESA Co-Director and technical theater instructor. Bean stated that as a high school student he never

Outspoken Bean performs a piece about the effects of social media on society. Photo by Katrina Dela Cruz

really intended to be a writer and didn’t even go to college under a major that had to do with writing. It was more of a hobby that he stumbled upon and fell in love with.

“I thought it was crazy how somebody, who in high school had no desire to pursue poetry or writing, is now a professional slam poet,” senior Raeann “Rain” Zuniga said. “He now not only performs beautifully but also writes beautifully.”

Bean will be performing his own one-man show “Converse” at the Carver Community Cultural Center (226 N. Hackberry San

Outspoken Bean speaks gives instructions about the exercise the class will soon participate in. Photo by Katrina Dela Cruz

Antonio, TX, 78202) this Sat. at 8pm. Tickets will be sold for $10 and there is no age limit. Bean will also be performing at Night with NESA in the Creative Writing room. The format will be a Poetry cafe and all in attendance will be invited to try out their works of literature.



For more information on Outspoken Bean, click here.


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