Internet Hacktivism hits home: NISD servers held hostage

During Thanksgiving break, a very interesting event transpired at a neighboring school district. Northern Independent School District had it’s school website and operating servers hijacked and held hostage by the Hacktivist collective known as Anonymous.

The Anonymous cell responsible for this recent action justifies their action by citing a policy enacted by NISD that allows for small computerized tracking devices that transmit a student’s location while on campus to be implanted into a student’s ID.

The district’s reason for imputing this radio tracking device is a combination of “keeping students safe” and increasing school funding from the state. School districts get increased funding when their attendance average is higher than others.

According to San Antonio Express News,  “The students are using new identification badges that have a built in chip that enables school attendance workers to see where a student is while on campus.” (NISD wants ID case moved to federal court, 2012).

Students like Andrea Hernandez are refusing to wear student IDs, for she and others claim that it violates both their personal freedoms, and in her case, religious freedom. She says that the ID is akin to the “Mark of the Beast” from the Biblical Book of Revelations.

As the situation escalates, other cells of Anonymous, Lulsec, and other activist groups claim to be planning future attempts to both call attention to and perhaps dismantle NISD’s policy regarding the radio IDs.

On the other hand, NISD is attempting to bring the ID case into federal courts in an attempt to protect their policy despite public scrutiny.

I must ask the readers of the Bugle Call; what do you think of this policy? Do you approve of what the hacktivists are doing?

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Do you agree with the Hacktavists or the school district?

  • The hactivists are right, the district should not put chips on students (100%)
  • The school district is right to protect the students by knowing where they are (0%)
  • The school district is wrong but so are the hactivists. (0%)
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