My 1st UTSA Football Game

Nov 24th UTSA: The Road Runners vs. Texas State Bobcats was my first football game ever. I was excited and apprehensive at the same time.

I don’t know anything about football, so my uncle had to explain a lot to me. We were on the Texas State Bobcats side, because my uncle went to that college. We wore maroon red while the other team wore bright orange. Everyone was in the spirit to win.People were yelling team names and fight songs to get the crowd hyped. I was really excited my self.

We walked up and down the parking lots full of people who were tailgating and cooking their BBQ, also the sound of Djs were all around. Then we walked into the stadium, I could hear the crowd roaring.

We sat down in our seats that were just the right distance away from the field. Every time someone would hit a touchdown the crowd would stand up and yell really loud, one guy would every now and then some guy would yell “U -T -S -A ! ”

Also there was one thing I’ve always wanted to try, and that’s stadium food, ive heard it’s the best, well they weren’t joking. I got nachos with lots of cheese and a jumbo sprite soda to go along with it, and for dessert I got a vanilla ice cream covered in a hard chocolate with sprinkles and nuts, it was the best food ever.

UTSA won while the Texas State bobcats lost by 2 points , it was a really close game.I enjoyed the rush of the crowd after the whole game, most people went home to celebrate, others just stayed by their cars blasting music like ” we are the champions” and even though Texas state lost we all just called it a good game at the end.

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