Dead Space 3: So Boss

by Keith Garn

Yes, the return of the great Dead Space series approaches with Dead Space 3, its upcoming addition.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Dead Space series it’s Survival-horror third-personshooter.

Like it’s predecessors, in Dead Space 3, the protagonist, Isaac Clarke, faces the Necromorphs (dead human corpses resurrected by an alien virus), with overwhelming odds against him.  

You, as the player, must kill these Necromorphs with a variety of weapons. The RIG (Resource Integration Gear) suit also returns but is improved. It comes with holographic displays projected from the player’s suit to display health and ammo even when you are in vacuum areas (Outer Space) and has a timer indicating the amount of oxygen reamining before death.

Isaac and new companion Sgt. John Carver posses the ability to actually avoid attacks and are more responsive. This skill was described by Visceral Game designers as essential, and they really  feel dumb for not including it earlier.

Dead Space 3 has a newly added feature drop in/drop out campaign so they can join or leave the action whenever they want. Each player will have a different experience as a result of their character’s dementia.

I anticipate Dead Space 3 to be a good one look for it in stores February 5 for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.


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