Instagram: A Lesson in the Basics

The login page for when you first open the app

By Sarah Titus

Instagram developed by Facebook is a photo sharing app for the iPhone and android. Instagram has been around for about three years and is growing even more popular yet some don’t know about it or understand how it works.

Users can take pictures of anything and post to the app for everyone to see.

The person gains followers by hashtags (#). Hashtags are codes that users type in the search bar and pictures will come up.

For example, if you were to put #cats pictures of cats will appear. Once they’ve looked at some cats they can like the photo by either double tapping or scrolling down and pressing the ‘heart’ and also can comment on the picture by pressing the ‘talk bubble’.

Some of the most popular pictures are food, photooftheday anything with insta in front of the word (instamood, instagood, instafashion). The pictures with those hashtags are uploaded daily and sometimes have up to 35 likes and above.

Users can have up to three accounts meaning if they want a personal one and one strictly towards fashion and another for a favorite TV show. Users can gain followers by requesting a “shout out;” this is when another users will take a ‘snapshot’ of their profile and comment “Follow them they’re really cool.”

Overall Instagram is great app and easy to use for everyone.

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