DC Comics New52: Good Or Bad

The return of The Joker in New52 form

By Sarah Titus

Recently DC comics has made some changes to their art and storylines of certain characters, they call it the ‘new52’.

This new style has stirred up lots of problems regarding whether or not fans should keep reading some of their favorite comics.

Some have argued that DC has changed then quality of their favorite superhero’s and expands stories that have already been told. The “Bat-Family” comics have been explained and told over and over again.

“Bat-Family” is a continuation of Tim Drake’s (Robin) if not a spin-off from his adventures with Batman, along with Batman, Damian Wayne (3rd Robin), Barbra Gordon (Batgirl), Selina Kyle (Catwoman) and Jason Todd (Redhood) also appear in the series.Fans feel that storyline has been reiterated more than enough times.

Another complaint are some of the characters costumes and new looks. DC has changed the costumes of almost all of the characters giving them more clothes and changing hairstyles. Harley Quinn, who before wore a full body red and black harlequin suit with a jesters hat, now wears a red and blue corset with a ruffled collar and red and blue hair she wears in pig tails.

Wonder Woman has also been through some changes instead of wearing a red tube top with her logo and blue boy shorts with starts and had long flowing black hair. Now she has a red, blue and silver suit with black choppy hair.

Not all are opposed to the costume change, but some readers say these new changes hinder some of the series; “change the costume change the character”

However a few comics did benefit from the New52. Aquaman has probably benefited the most from New52. Aquaman was a failing series and has taken off with the new changes.

Another success story is Batman. Batman, already popular, has received even more fans through New52.

The biggest change in the series is The Joker; who before had a permanent smile and now doesn’t even have a face. His face is held by two clips at the back of his head, making the character even scarier.

A few other series have come out better like Superman, Green Lantern and Justice League, but most notably are Batman and Aquaman even with the major changes that New52 has brought.

The stories are still the same but the characters have changed for the better.


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