Dead Mau5 Makes a Mark

Joel Thomas Zimmerman (born January 5,1981), better know as his performer name Dead Mau5  pronounced “Dead Mouse”) is a Canadian DJ develops  many genres of music or electronic dance music .

His debut album “Get Scraped” was released in 2005, making a buzz; more famous songs came later.

Dead Mau5 has worked along side other DJ’s and producers, like Kaskade, MC Flipside, Pendulum,Skrillex, Bigshore and Big Duda.

He is known for performing in an iconic headdress, which resembles a mouse head that he originally created while learning to use a 3D program. The mouse head Zimmerman wears comes in different colors and designs.

DeadMau5 even appears in a game as a playable character in Dj Hero 2 (a cliche copy off the Guitar Hero genre). His music has been included in good games such as Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars,FIFA 13,Grand Theft Auto IV, Need For Speed Most Wanted, Midnight Club: Los Angelas and Golden Eye 007.

The origin of “Dead Mau5” started when Zimmerman claimed he found a dead mouse inside his computer while cleaning it. He argued it with his chat room companions and then they referred to him as that “dead mouse guy.” He began his career under his alias” Dead Mau 5″ in 2002.

While Zimmerman is in Toronto not touring, he spends most of his time broadcasting his songs and where he makes most of his music to upload to Ustream.

On May,1, 2008 Dead Mau5 became the most awarded DJ/producer of the Beat Port Music Room, he was nominated “Best Progressive House Artist” by Beatport (an Online music store specializing in Electronic music) in June, 2010.

BeatPort announced  the winners of their annual BeatPort music awards for “Best Electric house Artist” and “Best Progressive House Artist” and “most influential house artist. ”

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