I Touched Justin Bieber: A Concert Review

by Emilee Ramon

Justin Bieber on stage. by Emilee Ramon


January 12 Justin Bieber’s concert was sold out and had been for months but I had tickets.

Justin Bieber on stage. by Emilee Ramon

I’ve been a fan of Justin since the year 2009. He’s my idol and the person I look up to. I know this sounds cheesy but I’m being serious. This is the second time I have seen him in concert and I was beyond excited, my seats are a surprise so I had no idea where my seats were gonna be.

I made a T-shirt that had my favorite song written in gold glitter ” beauty and a beat ” with the back saying “swaggy belieber ” which that’s what us Bieber fans are called.

Beiber had been all over the world and was almost finished with his U.S. tour then on to Mexico, Canada and Brazil.

It’s been two years since his last San Antonio concert, and I’m so hyped for this one! He’s gotten older, cuter and more talented.

When me and my step mom got to the AT&T center it was full of my kind a people, it was like a breath of fresh air being around people who liked the same music and idol as me. I made 3 new friends while we were waiting to get in and find our seats, they were so nice. Every now and then a group of fans would sing popular songs from his new album believe.

Me ready for the concert.

My step mom covered my eyes so I could be surprised, when she removed her hands I burst out in laughter and tears, my seats were right next to the stage. I hugged her tightly and screamed, then I called my grandpa and thanked him a million times.

Cody Simpson was the first opening act , he’s a singer from down under gold coast Australia.

Twenty minutes later Carly Rae Jepsen came out to perform her hit song “Call me maybe.” I got to shake her hand and sing along with her, it was an amazing experience. Then both Carl

Justin Bieber on stage. by Emilee Ramon

y and Cody came out to sing ” good time” which originally she sang with Owl City.

Then Carly said “Justin Bieber is here” and the whole audience screamed, girls started crying a preparing their cameras and iPhones for video.

I was just waiting by the stage ready to see Justin appear on stage. My step mom rubbed my back and said, “Don’t faint Emilee.”

I giggled and said, ” No promises.”

The intro to his show started on this huge screen it looked pretty awesome like a swirling vortex, then this man began talking about never giving up on your dreams and feeling the rhythm in your soul “but most of all believe.”

Justin Bieber on stage. by Emilee Ramon

Then all of a sudden Justin’s silhouette appeared. I screamed so loud but  couldn’t even hear myself.  Justin took off on wings and did a few magic tricks teleporting from one area of the stage to the other. Fireworks were popping all over the place  and my heart was pounding faster and faster while I screamed.

Then this epic music came on and there he was.

Justin Bieber, floating towards the stage on these wings made out of pianos, drums, and guitars. I thought it was the most creative thing I’d ever see. Then I was just looking at Justin thinking, “where is he gonna land?”

He ended up landing right in front of me. I smiled so big my cheeks hurt a tears came down my face I screamed, ” Justin I love you.”

He began to sing ” all around the world” I reached out my hands towards him screaming trying for reach him,as girls put all their weight on my crushing and pushing me down, but I stayed up thanks to my step mom and three bodyguards protected me.

He stopped backed up, and began walking to where I was. My eyes got really wide and I stopped screaming from shock, he then grabbed my hand, and at that moment my emotions went wild, as tears of joy ran down my face and I yelled to my step mom ” he touched my hand, he touched my hand.” She hugged me and we both screamed together. I kept on recoding him singing and dancing while so many thoughts were running through my mind.

by Emilee Ramon

The rest of the night was amazing, when the concert ended I took a deep breath and began to walk away from the stage as fans came down from higher seats to kiss the stage goodbye.

I cried one last tear as a walked out of AT&T center. Under my breath I said,  “Wow” and my step mom smiled.

Never in my life would I imagine having seats like this, being that close to him, and most of all him noticing me was a dream come true, I’ll never forget it.

All thanks to my grandpa; I love him with all my heart.

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