MUNSA 2013: What Is It And What Went Down?

Students at the International School of the Americas hosted Model United Nations San Antonio 17 on Trinity’s campus. MUNSA is the largest student managed Model United Nations conference in the entire United States.

The meeting was organized by the MUNSA secretariat, a group of experienced chairs and delegates who manage the model United Nations club at Lee and its magnets. Students from all parts of Lee delegated, chaired, served as runners, or even held positions on security.

Model United Nations is generally a competitive sort of organization. Schools from all over the US (and Mexico!) came to compete.  While Lee and its magnets might not have won any sort of “sweeping” victory, Lee took multiple awards in a variety of rooms. Each school put up a great fight, and each award won was well deserved.

“I expected nothing but seriousness,”  first-time delegate Victoria Phongsavong said. “But it turns out that Model U.N can be surprisingly funny and relaxed.”

Many delegates go in expecting a cold, stressful, and unbearable experience and instead either find themselves enjoying it or even become very active in the debate.

Another first-time delegate, Jacob Schwartz, not only quickly began to enjoy MUNSA, but also managed to nab a “Best Delegate” award.

“I think that at the start, I had expected to do little to nothing,” Schwartz said. “But as it went on, I became much more involved.”

However, MUN goes beyond simple delegation. Chairs and members of secretariat work tirelessly to make each conference better than the last.

Secretariat member Nellie Speiner was responsible for managing the runners, and collaborated with other secretarians to make MUN function.

“I think that this year’s delegation was the most enthusiastic,” she said. “I remember and that the conference went as smoothly as possible.”






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