Wii U Creates Zombi U

For the fans of the Wii U and the Zombie genre (very small majority that is) finally the two combine to make the greatest game.

Zombi U is a first person shooter horror genre set in London. The player assumes the role of a survivor in a zombie apocalypse.

Now, I know what your thinking,”Oh no, the same cliche zombie game.” I can assure you this is much more realistic.

In the prospect that the player is bitten, it only requires one bite to turn zombie and the current player’s character will permanently die and the player will be provided with another random protagonist. The previous character will turn into a zombie which the player must slay in order to acquire previous equipment.

The plot is 400 years ago when astronomer John Dee creates an apocalyptic prophecy know as the Black Prophecy which is predicted to be fulfilled November, 2012.

“The prepper” (a paranoid ex army soldier) predicts this outcome and prepares; meanwhile a secret organization known as the “Ravens of Dee” (John Dee’s associates and predecessors) research his prediction to prevent it from being realized.






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