Super Bowl XLVII: Night of Many Surprises

The close to the NFL season was official as the Super Bowl game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens came to an end.

Throughout the whole first half, the Ravens dominated the 49ers and at halftime the score was 21 to six Ravens. And at that point, the 49ers hadn’t even managed to score a touchdown. Though the game began with a near sweep of the 49ers, after halftime, many things changed.

“I was surprised, I didn’t think it would be a high scoring game,” STEM freshman John Martinez said. “I was thinking probably in the low 20’s, especially with how it was going at the half.”

Nearly 40 seconds into the second half of the game, half of the Superdome lost power. Entergy, the company providing the electrical service to the Superdome, says a piece of equipment designed to monitor the “electrical load” detected an “abnormality” and as programmed to do, “opened a breaker, causing power to be partially cut to the Superdome in order to isolate the issue.” This caused a near 35 minute delay of the game and essentially created an hour long halftime.

After the delay, the game continued and in a mere four minutes and 10 seconds, the 49er’s managed to muster up 17 points. At the end of the third quarter, the score was, with the Ravens leading by only five, 28 to 23.

“[The power outage] allowed the 49er’s to get themselves together,”sophomore Marissa Taylor said. “It really affected the game.”

In the end, the final score  was 34 to 31 with the Ravens taking home the title.

“I think the Baltimore was the better team that night,” Speech teacher Jeff Jones said. “The outcome accurately reflected the play on the field.”

After setting a postseason record and tying with the original season record, with a 108-yd kick return touchdown, Jacoby Jones was a favorite to be chosen for game MVP. Jones not only set a record for kick return, but also is only the second person to have two touchdowns that are both over 50-yds. And even set the Super Bowl record for Most combined Yards in a game with 290-yds. Despite all of this though, the Ravens’ quarterback, Joe Flacco was chosen as MVP.

“Joe Flacco played well, but to have that kick return and catch a touch down, Jacoby Jones is my MVP,” Jones said.

And still there were others who felt differently about the matter of MVP.

“I agree with the choice of Joe Flacco,” Martinez said. “In the first half of the game, his efficiency allowed them to have to jumpstart.”

In spite of everything, the Ravens went home as the champions and another year of professional football is ahead.


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