Immigration Aggreement: Four Democrats and Four Republicans

Eight leading senators announced on January 28, 2013 they come to an agreement on immigration regulations that haven’t been changed since 1965, but our world has changed since then and some laws don’t seem fair today, like they used to 48 years ago.

That’s where the Immigration Reform 2013 comes in, it’s suppose to help eleven million immigrants around the United States.

If immigrants want citizenship they must pay a fine, complete an exam, social security check; Their hasn’t been an exact decision on the requirements on citizenship. If the  Immigration reform is passed the following information bellow will happened also

Border Security: 

  • They will increase protection a long the border, the number of border patrol for more protection
  • Install additional cameras and radar towers
  • Discontinue the “Catch and release” method
  • Increase funding to expand detention centers
  • Work closer with countries to accept their citizens back
  • Denial of visas to recognized crime members
  • Implement the US-VISIT Exit Requirement System
  • Install biometric exit requirements at all airports and seaports
  • Create a biometric system for land borders to ensure that temporary workers are registered and leave the country before the visa expires

Worksite Enforcements:

  • Issuance of the “No Match” Regulation
  • All workers must hold legal status in the United States
  • The Social Security Administration will send letters to employers explaining the potential liability of hiring illegal employees
  • Reduce the amount of documents accept to verify identity and work eligibility
  • Increase fines for hiring illegal workers
  • Increase investigation of employers who hire illegal workers
  • Federal contractors must use the Federal Electronic Employment Verification System to verify each employee
  • Increase the use of E-Verify to other industries
  • Make E-verify integrated with DMV’s around the country to avoid illegal workers from obtaining job by showing a fake drivers license

Improve the current immigration system:

  • Streamline the background checks conducted by the FBI when required by the USCIS
  • Make sure that illegal aliens do not earn credits toward social security


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