Leggings, Inappropriate?

By Katrina Dela Cruz

Recently the administration has deemed leggings as inappropriate without shorts, skirts or dresses that go past the middle fingertip. Dress code is normally correlated with dress, accessories, or bodily modifications that are considered inappropriate or distracting, but no where in the NEISD dress code is it stated that leggings are distracting or inappropriate.

This is yet another restriction that is meant to limit students and who they are. Leggings are not distracting in any way, and are just another article of clothing that is popular in women’s style today.

It is believed that the administration has chosen to not allow leggings because they believe they aren’t pants, but a type of tights. According to the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of ‘Legging’ is, “tight-fitting stretch trousers worn by women and children.” This is not categorized as see-through or tights, but a kind of stretchy pants.

It is also argued that they show too much, but leggings show no more than any other pair of skinny jeans. Skinny jeans show curves and so do leggings, it is unrealistic to class leggings as inappropriate, they are just another pair of pants.

Where it is the administration’s job to shield the students from things that may harm, offend, or distract them from their school work, it is not the job of the administration to psychoanalyze every article of clothing that comes into style.

If the administration wants to do any good for the campus it is time to allow students to dress as they choose, within reason. Many students don’t see clothing as a distraction, but as a basis of connection between students and their similarities. On a campus where being different, creative, and unique are traits that are embraced, limiting student expression is only taking a step back in student growth and development.

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