The Edge of Nowhere









By Nakya Mesa – Diaz

The fiction book, The Edge of Nowhere, by Elizabeth George takes you on a mysterious and suspenseful journey.

Becca King and her mother, Laurel, try to escape from the horrendous murders in San Diego, California. Jeff, Becca’s stepfather, has committed various crimes while living in San Diego.

In order to keep Becca safe, and out of the reach of Jeff, Laurel leaves her daughter in a small island off the coast of Washington. However, Becca’s ability to hear “whispers” brings her more than she imagined.

The thrilling plot and Becca’s troubling gift to guide the reader into various mysterious cliff hangers. Thanks to Becca’s inherited gift the reader is able to comprehend each character’s emotions, thoughts, fears, and insecurities.

This precise trait is able to justify each character’s attitude towards Becca. The whispers she hears serve as an advantage and grants the reader an “update”.

The Edge of Nowhere contains a capacious description of the scenery/setting of Whidbey Island.

This allows for a continuous blooming of imagery to appear while following Becca’s journey. The Edge of Nowhere emits tension, smell, and the dark woods with every single sentence.

Elizabeth George did a commendable job by combining a suspenseful book and a variety of imagery without these two, important, factors overlapping each other.

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