Warm Bodies: A Must See

by Angel Regalado

Warm Bodies, the story of a zombie named R falling in love and changing was nothing short of adorable. The whole plot was cute; I felt like their love was so real.  I loved almost everything about it.

It shows how Julie, the girl that R falls in love with, was with her boyfriend and they’re life pre-apocalypse. Another thing was they didn’t show how R became a zombie. Which was something he wonders about in the movie himself.

The only real thing I didn’t like was the fact that they didn’t show how the zombie apocalypse happened. Although, they did show how the humans dealt with being in a zombie-filled world and what they did to keep safe.

But those weren’t huge problems; the movie was still entertaining and the soundtrack was amazing. Every song was highly appropriate in the scene they were played. The whole quality of  the movie was great alltogether as well.

I highly recommend seeing the movie and if you’re not really a movie person there’s a book too.

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