NESA Dominates Scholastic Writing Competition

In the Scholastic Art and Writing competition, a nation wide competition, the NESA Creative writers  were awarded 33 of the 58 awards in San Antonio.

The creative writers that were honored are:

Andrew Acton-Honorable Mention, Sílver Key

Tabby Baladez-Honorable Mention

Brandi Carnes-Honorable Mention, Sílver Key

Madeline Carrola-Honorable Mention

Katrina Dela Cruz-Sílver Key

Genesis Dibrell-Sílver Key

Brianna Garcia-Honorable Mention

Robin Grace-Gold Key American Voices Nominee

Rhi Harold-Sílver Key

Savannah Hill-Honorable Mention

David Hill-Sílver Key

Chloe Hohman-Honorable Mention, Sílver Key

Kinlin Kathleen-Sílver Key

Marcus Martinez-Gold Key

Tatiana Martinez-Honorable Mention

Darian Miera-Sílver Key

Aly Perez-Honorable Mention

RC Rejino-Honorable Mention

Holly Rice-Gold Key American Voices Nominee,Honorable Mention, Sílver Key

Austen Roberts-Honorable Mention

Margaret Stephens-Honorable Mention

Emily Taylor-Gold Key American Voices Nominee, Honorable Mention

Anastacia Valdespino-Honorable Mention

Jennifer Vela-Sílver Key, Sílver Key

Hannah Wood-Honorable Mention

Raeann Zuniga-Sílver Key

There will be an award ceremony Thurs. at seven pm where the writers will receive their silver and gold keys as well as be honored by authors who will perform at the reception.

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