Playing Dead as You Walk

In the fiction book Playing Dead, by Julia Heaberlin, a series of twist and turns of suspense fill the book.

After Tommie McClond, a child psychiatrist, received the dreadful news of her father’s death she decided to stay in her hometown of Ponder, Texas.

However Tommie’s past as she knew it changed when she received a mysterious letter from Chicago questioning her origin.

As Tommie researched her origin and so called real mother, the shocking results caused her to become weak and paranoid.

As a result her life is put in the line each time she dugs up the line.

I believe that Playing Dead is one the most outstanding books of its genre.

Julia Heaberlin created an engaging plot; for this reason I was glued to the book day and night.

The entertaining, accelerating, and the entwining mystery made it seem as if I was experiencing it first hand.

I would have never suspected that one simple letter, with three sentences, change a person’s life.

Overall one thing that attracted me from this book was the sensation of connection with, Tommie, the Protagonists.

Julia’s way of using first person granted me the opportunity to know what she’s thinking during those inexplicable events.

On the other hand you are able to understand the motives that supported her actions and decisions.

Playing Dead has become one of my favorite books it has a mixture of love, suspense, mystery, and action.

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