Are You Really A Man?

By Tatiana Pina

“Did you know that a women’s worst fear is to be abused or sexually assaulted?”

In most cases that involve domestic violence, the crimes are committed by a family member or by someone the victim is in a relationship with.

Why do men hit women? Do they need to show women that they are in charge? Does it make them feel powerful?

There are so many questions about why men abuse women, but there really aren’t any answers.

What makes the situation even worse is that women are petrified to speak out.

They are living in fear because they worry that they will be beaten to near death if they do.

One out of every five teenagers have said that they stayed in an abusive relationship because their partner threatened to hurt them brutally if they even considered breaking up.
They don’t even try to cry for help because they see it as a moot point.
Women have become accustomed to being beaten because they have to deal with it for a long period of time.

They just sit there and wait for the ordeal to be over, praying that it won’t leave them on the brink of death.

Most women believe that if they get hit, they will only get hit once.

They see it as a once in a lifetime thing, but they are proven wrong when their partner continues to beat them.

When there are children involved, the situation becomes ten times worse.

The children have to witness their mother being abused everyday.

There isn’t anyway that the children can be shielded from seeing this horrible crimes. They are helpless like their mother.

At least ten million children have witnessed domestic violence.

Is there any way that domestic violence can stop?

So many people and organizations try to stop it, but it seems like there isn’t an end to it. It keeps happening.

Everybody around the world is aware of domestic violence.

It’s kind of hard to ignore it since it’s all over social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Domestic violence shouldn’t be treated as a joke; it should be taken seriously because it is a serious crime.

For more information and to see stories from people that have experienced domestic violence, click on the following link.

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