Outsiders Kicks Off

Cinema students sell snacks and drinks to attendees.

For the past four years the Cinema department of NESA holds a festival for film makers in the San Antonio area, The Outsiders Film Festival. It is to encourage film makers to network while sharing each others art and ideas. While waiting for the doors to open to the auditorium, film makers were playing a game.

“It’s just an icebreaker game; Duos. It’s for people to associate in order to communicate and introduce themselves to others,” senior Warren Couvillion said.

A concession stand was also there. Candy, soda and water were all sold for one dollar.

“The concession is for general things, but this year will be travel,” Cinema teacher Ms. Konise Millender said. “We’re going to be traveling a lot this year, and this money will help us out.”

At 7:30, the doors finally opened and the event started 2o minutes later. Films made by Cinema students were showed and in between, sophomore Brinana Mendez would ask for numbers, which people had when they first arrived. Whoever had the number Mendez called, would receive door prizes, like posters.

Isabelle Meyer hands out programs to film festival goers.

The films that were show cased were (in order by name of film) Anna Clark’s Bound to Forget, Clayton McCracken’s Consolidation, Alexa Salingaros’ Evolution, Ethan Ausburn’s Fulfillment, Callan Harrison’s Genetika, Derek Miller’s Incarnation, Miranda Whitus’ Los Paisanos, Harrison’s Sir Gawain, Rosemarie Mena’s Special Flower, Alejandro Restrepo’s First Day of School and Steven Martinez’s We’re Still Here.

Before ending the event, awards were given out to seniors for their films.

Warren Couvillion announces instructions to the game cinema students were playing.


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