STEM Early Robotics

“I was here for a few years and I enjoy being with young people and love my job!'”

Those were the words of David Rubalcava. He teaches his students about computers and is currently building a robot that they will put into a competition.

Mr. Rubalcava had served in the military in 78′ or 79′. He enjoys his job because working with young people are very interesting.

Everyone always wants to do something else if they could. He wanted to be in the field of law, as a lawyer.

When kids we’re just kids, we always guessed and made up something we wanted to do or be when we grew up; like a princess, an astronaut, a doctor, a lawyer, a dinosaur, we didn’t really know it’d happen, we just had huge imaginations, like we still do. When Mr. Rubalcava was younger, he didn’t know what he wanted to do.

He’s an amazing teacher here and the kids really love him. Robotics is something that include building, creating, and designing robots. It’s not just boring sit here and read books about technical things. It’s hands-on and an environment that works together.


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