Pep Squad Cheers

Alli Bennett has always loved the idea of  cheerleading and has worked with cheerleaders since 2002.. The new pep squad coach enjoys a sport where girls can express themselves.

Some of the requirements to become a cheerleader is to have one class period everyday of dance to learn their cheers and chants.

“I been working for eleven years in teaching dance,” she said. “Wow, that’s been a longtime.”

Paige Johnson is a freshman who started pep squad this year.

“One of the main reasons I joined pep squad was to meet new people and make new friends,” she said.¬†“I also love the idea of being active and having fun with my friends at the same time.”

Pep squad also competes with other districts during the year.

“Pep squad has taught me the value of teamwork!,” she said. ” I have learned that collaboration is essential, especially when mastering routines.”

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