Japanese Club Learns

Movies, calligraphy, game day, food and more are all part of the Japanese Club.

“Right now we are watching movies in Japanese and voting on what to do later like origami.” Japanese Abe Motoko said. “Most of my upper classes can (speak Japanese) ,but it is not expected from J1 because they are new to learning.”

A Japanese background is not required for this club.

“I have no Japanese background, none, what so ever,” 10th  Grader Josiah Castillo said.”I have my enjoyment of this culture.”

A lot of kids enjoy this class for personal reasons, and others like it for other reasons.

“I like learning how to pronounce, and speak the language.”10th Grader Josiah Castillo said.”I like Good Morning because Ohaiyou sounds cool.”

The teacher is a really respectful and nice to her students.

“The students are great to work with.” Motoko said.”The classes are not required to speak in Japanese, but they can if they want to.”

The class is offered for regular credit or AP.

“For regular, it’s one (credit) per year but Pre-Ap is 15 percent more,” Motoko said “We’ll mostly (take field trips) in class, probably none in the club.”








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