Shooting for District

The varsity basketball team is getting ready for the season by practicing twice a day. They won in a recent tournament and plan on going undefeated and winning district.

“There are many basketball players on our varsity basketball team that can dunk like crazy,” Varsity Basketball coach Galleon said. “I plan on winning district this season.”

Lee’s basketball team is becoming more fierce and obedient as they continue in their pre season. They’re simply learning the game of basketball and playing as a team.

“I’m a post on the court , but i’m a shooting guard on sight,” Varsity Basketball player Garret said. “I’m going to average at least 6 points.”

Garret Johnson is an outstanding athlete. He is at least 6’3 in height , and weighs around 200 pounds.

“I have high expectations for our athletes,” Varsity Basketball coach said. ” We wanna try to win state.”

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