Veterans Day Vivid

In the Grey courtyard yesterday, JROTC hosted a Veteran’s ceremony was held with speaker CSM (Ret) Rudy DelValle.

LTC Troy Ramirez announces to the crowd, Lawerence Stowers and Robert Martinez promotions.

Stowers (right) and his parents and Martinez (left) and his parents wait for Principal Canales and LTC Ramirez to present their promotions.

Front cadets await calls.










Robert E. Lee JROTC

Guest speaker CSM (Ret) Rudy DelValle reads his speech to the audience before color guard performs.

Rifle team stand in attention.










Female color guard hoists the Texas flag.

Male color guard hoists the United States flag.

Color guard marches in front of the Texas flag before leaving.











JROTC cadets salute the flags as the band plays Star-Spangled Banner.

JROTC salutes the flags during Star-Spangled Banner, played by the band.

Honored guests and veterans stand as the ceremony comes to an end.

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