Casting Calls

Yesterday, Nov. 19, Cinema students held auditions after school, from 4:10 to 5:15 p.m., in 307A (in the 300 building, third floor). Auditions were for a Hero inspired film the students have to work on for a group project this nine weeks. Students didn’t have to worry about any preparation and scripts were ready for different film genres.

“It was a booming success, the biggest turnout we’ve ever had,” Tyler Nguyen said. “I’m really proud about it, especially since this wasn’t my forte.”

Nguyen made the flyers and brought all the advanced students together and informed them about the casting-calls. A total of 25 students attended and either sat or stood while they performed.

“They all performed from the same script, after looking at the different scripts and films,” Nguyen said. “It was pretty hectic at first.”

The variety of films were from horror to comedy. Cinema’s advanced students next group project/casting-call (at school) will be in late April, after their trip to north Carolina.

“We’re going there for our next casting-call,” Cinema teacher Konice Milender said. “We can’t take any actors with us though, but I’m going to see what we can do about that when we’re there.”

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