About the Talons

San Antonio’s professional football team

You may have seen my last story about the Talons releasing their 2014 schedule, but other then that, I didn’t really give a lot of information about them; so this story will do just that.

As a football driven town when the Spurs are not playing, the city of San Antonio has had a long love and passion for football, rooting for nearby teams such as the Houston Oilers/Texans, Texas Longhorns and New Orleans Saints.

The Dallas Cowboys have also had their training camps here many times recently. But there was never been a team for San Antonio to call its own.

But in 2011, all that changed when the Tulsa Talons of the AFL (Arena Football League) moved to San Antonio to become the San Antonio Talons. The team plays their games at the Alamodome every year from March to July, and are a blast to go to. S

o you might be asking, what is Arena Football? Well in a way, as Talons owner David Lynd says “It’s football and basketball and hockey all rolled into one.”

The AFL is unlike any sport you will see in your life.  Arena Football is just like the NFL, only more exciting. The field is 50 yards, there are only eight players on the field for each team, there is no punting, there are dasher boards that surround the field, the clock runs until the final minute of each half, the games are higher scoring and fast paced, if a ball goes into the stands, you get to keep it, and did I mention that after every single game, you get to go onto the field to get autographs from the players? Yeah, it’s that cool.

The team has been among the best teams in the league since they moved here, winning 14 out of 18 games in 2012 and then 10 out of 18 last year, winning the Central Division in 2012. The team even has a reality tv show on KENS 5; Guts And Glory, which showcases the team and gives San Antonio an all access look at the team on and off the field.

Unfortunately despite the Talons recent success, the team is hardly noticed by the city; which is surprising for a town that claims to be “Football Crazed.”

As a Talons fan, I have attempted to let everyone here at ISA/LEE/NESA/STEM that San Antonio has a pro football team, I’ve even started an Arena Football Club at ISA(meeting every thursday during 5th lunch) to spread the message.

The Talons are very important to San Antonio because, like I said in my last story, San Antonio probably wont be getting an NFL team, so it’s important that you know that we have a team. It’s important that football makes it in San Antonio, and the Talons are San Antonio’s best shot at making sure that happens year in and year out.

The team starts the season on March 15th against the LA KISS at the Alamodome. If you are interseted in supporting your citys only pro football team this 2014 season, you can get your tickets at http://www.sanantoniotalons.com/.

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