Permits Cause Issue

At the beginning of the school year, student drivers were told to buy parking permits to park in the parking lot. Tickets were given out in the beginning of the school year to those without a permit in the area band practices after school. Afterwards, some students noticed the lack of action being taken for parking in that area, as well as in the rest of the parking lot without a permit, while those with a permit are having trouble finding places to park.

“It [ the tickets] was actually consistent in August, September and October,” Assistant Principal Ernest Paz said. “It had slowed down in November because I have other duties to attend to, other than looking for permits in peoples vehicles,”

Paz is the administrator in charge of writing tickets for students parked in main and back parking lot without parking permits. Paz also rides around campus in the golf cart, watching for students leaving the campus and for students who don’t attend school, coming onto campus, as well as dealing with students needing discipline, but says tickets are still being written and given.

Student drivers parking in areas they shouldn’t be unless they have a permit give reasons for their doings.

“About a month ago, I parked in the area where band practices and I wasn’t ticketed,” senior Isaac Orta said. “I don’t bring my car anymore, but for that one time, I thought I was lucky to not be ticketed.”

Orta has said he did apply for a permit, but has never received it, even after going to the office to get it. As for students with parking permits, available space can be found mostly by the tennis courts.

“Tickets are definitely being given out, but the process is just a slow process. The tickets will heavily continue in January,” Paz said.

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