Art Unplugged

NESA Creative Writer’s hosted Art Unplugged in the auditorium on Saturday, Dec. 14, from 7 to 9 p.m. The event was a fundraiser for the Creative Writer’s Literary Magazine, coming out in May.

A parent buys tickets for the event. Tickets were $5.

“The Crew” for Art Unplugged (from left) senior Bri Garcia, sophomore Margeret Stephen and freshman Jakob Reyna.

Creative Writing students pass out flyers to people as they go in the auditorium for Art Unplugged.










Act one of Art Unplugged

Creative Writer Amy Stengel begins Art Unplugged.

Creative Writing seniors Holly Rice and Hannah Wood give the audience an introduction of Art Unplugged.

Creative Writer parent ___ Wood gives a little speech about being a parent of a Creative Writer and the events he and his wife helps with.










Creative Writing seniors Marcus Martinez and Dominic Castillon give the audience the first part of the first act.

Roo Brown reads her poem Home.

Annika Gloade reads her poem A Secret Longing.











Rhi Greer reads her poem Jet’ aime.

Daniel Lozano performs Prelude and Gigue from Cello Suite No. 5 in c-minor, arranged for viola by J.S. Bach.

Chloe Hohman reads her poem Eyes Do Not Need.










Sara Coats reads her poem Observations of a Servant Girl.

Dan Schumacher reads his poem Yes, I am Eighteen.

Hayley Smelker reads her poem Thoughts of a Princess.









Josh Villegas reads his poem,

Brandi Carnes reads her poem, Body Snatcher.

Robin Sheehan reads her poem, hair.









Marcus Martinez reads his poem, Polvo del Huesos: An Ode to My Grandmother’s Bones.

Gabrielle Mientek reads her poem, Inspiration and Lack Thereof.

Tabby Baladez reads her poem, Retirement Wish List.










There was a 15 minute intermission, where the audience left the auditorium to the hall outside and had hot chocolate, hot tea, coffee, made donations for the Literary Magazine and mingled.

Marcus Martinez and Dominic Castillo announce to the audience about the intermission.

Jon Cashion serves hot chocolate, coffee and hot tea, and two parents make conversation.










Act two of Art Unplugged

Rachel Larson reads her poem, Wanderers.

Dan Schumacher performs his piece, D. Scarlotti Sonata L483.

Hannah Wood reads her poem Wanted.










Victoria Aranda reads her poem, All That I Am.

Lindsey Ewell singing I Know Where I’ve Been from the musical, Hairspray.

Austen Roberts reads her poem, Concrete.










From left; Marcus Martinez, Josh Villegas and Dominic Castillon read Distance, written by Audrey Hardeman (a senior Creative Writer).

Joseph Kim (singer) and Jacob Pns (guitarist) perform original songs Away and Rabid.

Hannah Walker reads her poem Room 32.











Dan Schumacher and Hope Vinson announce the next performers of Act two.

Jon Cashion reads his poem, The Mountain Flower.

Isabella Garcia singing Dink’s Song and Michigan.










Andrew Acton reads his poem, The Blanco River.

Sara Mendez reads her poem, Wind Dancer.

Madeline Gonzales reads her poem, To The Woman in The Green Coat.










Lily Gonzales recites an excerpt from Work in Progress.

Josh Villegas and Jennifer Vela announce the last part of Act two of Art Unplugged.

Denise Mungor reads her poem, Bookshop Ode.










Dan Schumacher performs an original composition, Whale Tales.

Rhyanne Saul reads her poem, Redemption.

Spencer Herring singing an original song, Float Away.










Evan Brown reads his poem, Legacy.

Hope Vinson reads her poem, Mother Moon.

The last performers, Octavia de la Pena (guitarist) and Rhi Greer (singing) performing Halleluja.










Marcus Martinez, Dominic Castillon and Mr. Wood announce the winner of the basket of goods. The winner was a parent.









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