Opinion: Ukraine Crisis

The crisis currently unfolding in Ukraine has drawn the attention of people all over the globe. The massive riots put on by the protesters in Kiev have been suppressed via violent action from the police, turning the city of Kiev into a literal battleground. The protests began when the government of Ukraine was likely to make a deal with the EU/NATO in regards to aid Ukraine’s struggling economy. However, Ukraine’s government under president Viktor Yanukovych reforged a deal with the Russian Federation. His opponents, feeling cheated, rose up in protest late last year. The following months would involve an incredibly violent series on confrontations in multiple locations across the country, with the epicenter being the capital of Kiev. The government would introduce authoritarian anti-protest laws, and ultimately be responsible for the deaths of numerous protesters. Only recently Yanukovych stepped down a president, but the violence nonetheless continues.

Fires rage across Ukraine, and the situation appears to be getting increasingly unstable. However, it appears that there are two large groups that the myriad of parties and movements have aligned themselves.

Russian Unity Bloc

The ruling party is closely aligned with the Russian Federation, and wishes to maintain Ukraine’s close partnership with Russia. The Bloc is made up of the ruling party; the Party of Regions, multiple pan-slavist organizations, and the Ukrainian Communist Party.

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