Powder Puff is back

Senior sponsor Jennifer Galindo, junior sponsor Chris Green and other senior sponsor Cynthia Kosmo have been putting together the very first Powder Puff flag football game, which was taken away about 18 years ago. The game will take place at Heroes Stadium, on Friday May 29th, at 6:00 p.m. Tickets are to be sold for $3 two weeks before the game at the school store, and for $5 at the door, the day of the game.

Powder Puff flag football is like a regular (homecoming) football game… except it’s completely reversed.

Junior and senior girls will be playing on the field, against each other, while junior and senior boys will make up the JV and Varsity dance teams and cheerleaders. During half-time, after the boys perform for the crowd, a “Powder Puff” court made up of teachers will await to hear who will be crowned as the Powder Puff King and Queen.

“There’s no reason not to have it, because it’s a lot of fun and obviously, it’s a great way to build commradery and also build moral between teachers and students, and the community,” Galindo said. “And we’re the first school ever to get to play at Heroes’.”

Since the first week of school, Galindo and the other sponsors have been preparing all the paper work and designs for shirts and general ideas of how the event will be.

“When we had our first senior class meeting with all of our officers, we were trying to figure out one big thing that we could for the year and the senior class officers wanted to do this. They wanted to do Powder Puff football. And Cindy and I both thought it was a great idea,” Galindo said. “We also didn’t know if we’d be able to make it happen.”

Green, who used to work at MacArthur High School and graduated from there, has experience as a Powder Puff player and coordinator, had presented a plan to Principal Richard Canales, to let him review it.

“They brought me a packet and started sharing with me all the stuff and I reviewed the packet,” Canales said. “I had some more questions and they said, ‘Not a problem. We’ll make sure all those are taken care of,’.  So, when I saw that there was a plan ready to go, I accepted that.”

Before presenting the packet, Galindo had rewritten the whole plan to make it “Lee-appropraite”.

“The Powder Puff game is actually MacArthur’s longest standing tradition. They’ve had a Powder Puff game since the school started, back in the 50’s,” Green said. “I played as a junior and as a senior and it really was a lot of fun, so I’m bringing some of that experience to our Powder Puff since it’s good to see how Powder Puff should be run and how it can go, where people have a good time and no one gets too rowdy and no one gets hurt.”

Galindo has been working on getting not only teacher sponsors to help with supervision and putting the event together, but also sponsors like Chick-fil-a, who will be providing food for the game. All permission forms and paperwork to be a part of the event is due April 24th to designated teacher sponsors.

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